Nicolas Koedinger

Nicolas is fifteen when he decides to teach himself the electric bass. It's love at first sight: one year later, he enters Yves Laplane's jazz class at Marignane Music Academy.


In 1998, he enters the I.MF.P (France's professional jazz institute), where he learns from musicians such as Gérard Maurin, André Villegier, or Michel Zénino... that is where he first steps behind a double bass, discovers functional and modal harmony, and improvisation; and this is where he first enters the poetic realms of composition.

Enthralled by his new instrument and its shadowy role in the orchestra, Nicolas has his revelations in the works of bass players Charles Mingus, Oscar Pettiford and Scott La-Faro, who will grow to be his main influences. In 2007, Nicolas performs some of his personal compositions to the jury of the National Music Academia in Marseille: he is unanimously rewarded by the Gold Medal.

In 2012, he starts his own project, the Nicolas Kœdinger 5tet, and together they are awarded the prize of the jury and of the public at the Porquerolles Jazz Festival. There, the 5tet shares the stage with Archie Shepp, Michel Portal and Vincent Peirani.
Nicolas also played with Abdu Salim, Raphaël Imbert, Christian « Tonton » Salut or Cécile Mc Lorin.

Yet after all, it is with his two friends and accomplices Jean-Christophe Gairard and Jérémie Schacre that Nicolas Kœdinger finds his best balance, towering with his gentle and dreamy jazz bass lines between Jean's whirling gispy violin and Jérémie's ragged guitar for the Clair de Lune Trio.

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