Jean-Christophe Gairard

Born in a family of musicians, Jean-Christophe began to learn violin at the age of five. He first discovered his passion for slavonic music when he entered Aix-en-Provence Music Academy, in 1999, through the work of composers such as Béla Bartók, Henryk Wieniawski or Antonín Dvořák. But his career took a turn when he met virtuoso guitarist Jérémie Schacre. Their friendship would lead them off the beaten tracks of the classical musician's training : through improvisation first in the wake of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grapelli, and soon after into the complex universe of Balkanic folk tunes. As their passion for this repertoire grew, bass player Nicolas Kœdinger joined them, together to form Clair de Lune Trio in 2006.

In 2008, Jean-Christophe travels for the first time to Romania, and stays for four months in Transylvanian Cluj-Napoca. The numerous human and musical encounters and discoveries of this period will have a tremendous impact on his musical life. He meets virtuoso Tcha Limberger, who helps him to find new ways into the practice of him instrument. Marcel Râmba, a generous maestro in the Romanian violin tradition, will disclose to him the wealth of particularities of the Transylvanian style. Every year since, Jean-Christophe returns to Romania to practice and deepen his knowledge of this repertoire, which is now at the heart of his music.
During a concert in Paris in 2011, he meets with Emilio Castiello, also violonist, who shares his passion for Serbian and Romanian music. In 2012, they travel together to Slovenia, where Ljubjana's Simbolični Orkester invites them as solo players. Returning to France, they decide to merge their respective trios Aälma Dili and Clair de Lune Trio, to form the exhilarating sextet Aälma di Luna.
His curiosity for new musical styles leads him to integrate, in 2013, the Russian group Tchayok together with Florian Vella and Romain & Vladmir Gourko for a tour through Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. In October they tour again in Belgium, with a closing concert at Brussels' grand Théâtre Molière. He also plays with Stéphane Bularz's Tzwing quartet, and discovers Flamenca music through the Flamenclasico project, under the lead of Gitan singer Tchoune Tchanelas, and pianist Martial Paoli.

Yet, with eight years of experience, four recorded albums and hundreds of concerts, Clair de Lune Trio was Jean-Christophe's main project until fébruary 2016.

Actually sailing, Jean-Christophe explore a new world abroad with his album "Violin on Sonate" : a selection of musics on Sonate, including some titles playing with Clair de Lune Trio.

Pochette Violin on Sonate dessin Aitana Carrasco

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