Clair de Lune Trio

A tzigane violin, a gipsy guitar, a jazz bass, and the magic of Marseille's long summer nights: that's how Clair de Lune Trio started, back in 2006 until 2016.

Three laureates from the French Music Academia lost on the wandering roads of traditional music, Jean-Christophe Gairard, Jérémie Schacre and Nicolas Kœdinger bring together their classical, swing, jazz and flamenco moods to interpret and reinvent a colourful repertoire at the crossroads of Central and Eastern Europe.

The three friends carry in their pockets handfuls of nearly forgotten tunes, dense and lively folk traditions and poetic compositions that they happily share with the public, often mingling the music with glimpses of the strange lands where it was born.

Since 2006, Clair de Lune Trio has been touring Europe, and producing several records until 2016 - their fourth and latest album was released in 2014. They shared the stage with Les Yeux Noirs, Biréli Lagrène, Eric Luther, Opus 4 and Les Doigts de l'Homme, amongst others, and had the rare opportunity to play with world-class jazz guitarist Tchavolo Schmitt.

Clair de Lune Trio was an energetic and enthusiastic group, yet its main originality was in the diversity of its personal influences and repertoires: these three strong-tempered and contrasting musicians entangle themselves in complex and exhilarating compositions, part jazz, part folklore, in which echoes from all over Europe merge in a distinctively  and delightfully Mediterranean sound.

2014 clair de lune trio - photo chris boyer

Jean-Christophe Gairard

Violin, Rythmic guitar
2014 jean christophe gairard photo chrisboyer

Jérémie Schacre

2014 jeremie schacre photo chrisboyer

Nicolas Koedinger

Double bass

2014 nicolas koedinger photo chrisboyer



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Last album "Live in Marseille"

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